BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — As Afghan refugees continue to make their way to Bowling Green finding permanent housing has been a struggle. 

What You Need To Know

  • Afghan refugees are arriving daily in Bowling Green

  • Finding permanent housing is provig to be a difficult task

  • Many are currently staying in hotels 

  • Those working with the refugees are saying it isn't a crisis, but something they want to stay on top of.

International center executive director Albert Mbanfu says getting the refugees housing is an all hands on deck approach. Looking for housing is not something he normally does on a daily basis but the need is crucial right now. 

“At this point everybody in the office spends part of them time looking for houses and apartment for rent,' said Mbanfu "I’ve jumped into it as well.”

Some refugees do have permanent housing scattered around the city others have not yet had that luxury and are staying in hotels. 

“We did not settle in a home and don't have our own schedule it has been good," said an anonymous refugee "We still we have our typical day trying to find new places in Kentucky to get accustomed to the culture that people in Bowling Green, Kentucky have.”

Mbanfu says that a lack of credit history has made some property owners weary of leasing, but the International Center is willing to co-sign for the families which may help ease that burden.

“We reach out to as many places as possible," said Mbanfu "What we have been willing to do is co-sign if that will give property owners a measure of confidence.”

That are slightly more than 100 refugees living in Bowling Green according to Mbanfu. He says despite the housing trouble the community has welcomed them with open arms. Some of the hotels they are taking in are even letting them stay free of charge. 

With refugees continuing to arrive daily it is important to try and get some permanent housing, so everything is not backed up. 

“We’re not in a crisis," said Mbanfu "We just want to be proactive to secure enough have for the number that we expect to come in.”