FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky lawmakers are launching new online surveys to gather feedback from the public. 

What You Need To Know

  • Kentucky lawmakers will be launching new online surveys this year to gather feedback from constituents

  • The surveys will be available on the legislators' official General Assembly websites

  • Some surveys may ask whether there is support for medical marijuana or a gas tax increase to support the road fund

  • Legislators will be able to tailor questions to their district

Rep. Jerry Miller (R, Eastwood) says for seven years, he’s used paper and electronic surveys to gauge where his constituents are on certain issues like medical marijuana.

Rep. Jerry Miller (R, Eastwood) expects to have online surveys available by mid-December. (Spectrum News 1/Erin Kelly)


"It’s been interesting that every year it just creeps up, the number of people that would find, particularly medical marijuana acceptable and so whenever bills like that come up, I’ve voted for them," he said.

This year, all Kentucky lawmakers will be able to put surveys with the questions they want to ask their constituents on their official General Assembly webpages. 

Miller expects his will be available by mid-December. 

"Out here, my constituents, transportation is a huge issue, so I often have a 'How bad is traffic?' question and then follow that up with ... 'Do you feel it’s bad enough for a tax increase?'" 

Rep. Rachel Roberts (D, Newport) has already received 100 responses to her first survey, which asked about education, she said. 

Another survey asks if people in her district would support an increase in state gas taxes for Kentucky’s road fund. 

"We are literally the representatives of the people and we have 45,000 we represent each and so that’s how we know what they feel and can represent them most effectively," said Miller.

Most of the surveys are still being developed, but will be available when you look for your lawmaker here.