LEXINGTON, Ky. — An organization in Lexington that is working with veterans to gain their license to fly drones is now expanding to helping more people in the community with the help of sponsors. 

What You Need To Know

  • Lexington company expanding to help veterans find work after they exit the service

  • Businesses can sponsor veterans or others in their community to take the courses

  • Dynamic Drone Solution has worked with nearly 40 people through their program

  • Dynamic Drone Solution is working on different partnerships for training and employment opportunities

Some veterans may tell you it is difficult finding a job after serving, and Dewayne Yarbrough has spent the last two years working to change that.

“So we have a veteran starting the program, and he was looking through a lot of different jobs, and he was very confused and frustrated, like most veterans, they get out, you have all this responsibility, and you're responsible for all this millions of dollars worth of equipment, and then all of a sudden, that's no more, you don't have that responsibility anymore. And so you're transitioning, you're confused in some ways and you're frustrated in most ways,” Yarbrough said. 

Yarbrough is the co-founder of Dynamic Drone Solution. a company in Lexington working to help transition veterans into the workforce. One way he has decided to do that is through drones. 

“Drones can be utilized, and hopefully, our partnerships will be able to be created with the police department, the fire department, the local government bodies, because we're able to do a week to two weeks worth of work that people do walking in a day to two days, so it increases the safety and environment and increases the productivity and environment,” Yarbrough said. 

Yarbrough has helped nearly forty people through his program and found jobs for veterans within their communities. This new expansion will encourage other companies to support their veterans by providing an option to sponsor someone who would like to go through the program. 

“Sponsorships are open for veterans and individuals that are coming from a challenging background and wanting to progress and be in a different environment. And so local corporations, companies can reach out to dynamic drone solutions, and they can sponsor an individual and be a part of their growth and a part of theirs, their testimony, as they go through this course, and they can experience the change that they made in someone's life,” Yarbrough said. 

As a veteran himself, Yarbrough says he understands the difficult situations some may face and helping those in need has been impactful.

“For him or her to experience this aha moment of actually finding something to do again that they care about, and that they know as much as they put in, they will get out of it. I feel like it's very rewarding inside,” Yarbrough said. 

Yarbrough says drones can open up a number of opportunities, and hopes his program shines a positive light on those who are transitioning through change. The next session of classes will start at the beginning of November and are open to anyone in the community who would like to learn more about flying drones and attaining their license.