BOWLING GREEN, KY. — Horseback riding lessons at New Beginnings is providing an outlet for those living with disabilities.

What You Need To Know

  • The lessons provide help participants work on their skills

  • Besides horseback riding, participants work on communication and social skills

  • The lessons also serve as a form of therapy for riders like Taylor Garrett

Taylor Garrett is a Hendersonville, Tennessee native but travels to Bowling Green to ride horses. She said it is a way to stay active but also work on her social skills and confidence.

“As someone who has Asperger's myself, I find it very relaxing and therapeutic," said Garrett. "I can just hop on Amber and everything goes away and it is very soothing and I have a connection and bond with the horse.”

Garrett and other riders find horseback riding not as an activity but as a way of life. The three-year veteran serves as motivation for other riders as well.

“I love working with people that wanted to ride horses but couldn't physically," said Garrett. "I' m glad I could help them ride a horse as well and get the joy they want. It’s very therapeutic for them and for me.”

Lessons are offered throughout the week to any individual with disabilities. Executive Director Michele Vise said she has seen growth in all her riders, from confidence riding to grooming and taking care of the horses. She said the growth in Taylor to one of her top riders is what New Beginnings is all about.

“Seeing her confidence grow and seeing herself grown into a very mature young lady, I commend her from coming from Hendersonville to drive up here an hour away just to have a riding lesson," said Vise. "She even volunteers with us and it is amazing."

New Beginnings has a full staff of experienced riders. Each with the skills to help every unique case that walks through the door. As for Taylor, she said her bond with her favorite horse Amber has truly grown into a lifelong friendship. 

"It turns out that me and Amber, I would consider became best friends now," she said.

New Beginnings is located at 600 Bill Ferguson Rd. in Bowling Green and donations can always be made to them. You can get more information about their sessions here.