BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — The Goodwill Cars to Work program, along with Kentucky Rise, is giving drivers like Marina Gibson a chance to drive a personal vehicle— something that was far fetched just a few weeks ago.

What You Need To Know

  • The program is in partnership with DCBS to help fund the initiative

  • It is being used to help kids, especially foster youth, get their own vehicle

  • Grants up to $4,000 are being provided through DCBS

  • The program is helping people like Marina Gibson

Program participants like Gibson found out about the program and no longer have to rely on friends for rides. 

“I acted like my friends were Lyft and Uber, and I gave them a lot of money to take me places,” said Gibson. 

She said the process took about a month to complete and was in lockstep with five year Program Manager Katie Ramser. Along with help from the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS), Goodwill also matches up to $500 for the vehicles. It's something Ramser takes a lot of pride in. 

“I worked in foster care as a case manager for several years," said Ramser. "I think our youth need so much support and I think it’s wonderful to be able to help someone reach their goals.”

Foster care children typically have a harder time getting their license, according to Gibson. The program is open to all people but those ages 18-26 who are current or former foster care are eligible for the $4,000 grant. A financial literacy portion that helps understand loans and how to manage money is part of the program. Gibson said she is thankful for her new opportunity. 

"Now I can go to school and have reliable transportation to go to work," said Gibson. "So that is always a good thing.”

Applications for the grant are open until Sept. 30 and are available online.

Gibson said she wants to use her car for more than just her errands. She wants to use it to give back as well. 

“I want to do more with the community because I believe what you take is what you should give," said Gibson. "So I want to use the car for good not only for my own means but for other peoples means as well.”