LEXINGTON, Ky. — Next time you're around the University of Kentucky's campus, you may see some new technology roaming the streets with someone's Subway order.

What You Need To Know

  • 30 Starship Technologies robots are now delivering food on University of Kentucky's campus

  • Anyone can use the Starship Food Delivery app to order food and drinks from 10 participating retailers

  • The robots are able to traverse obstacles like sidewalks, traffic and snow

  • Starship Technologies is providing services to seven other college campuses across the country

Ordering food just got a whole lot simpler for University of Kentucky student Emma Buschman, thanks to new food delivery robots from Starship Technologies.

"I was actually just coming back from class and wanted some coffee, so I’d figured I try it out and it’s really cool," Buschman said. 

In a partnership with Starship Technologies, UK recently launched a fleet of 30 robots bringing meals and drinks to students in their dorms. 

Students can get deliveries from campus eateries like Panda Express, Starbucks and Subway. Buschman said this unique service helps make life on-the-go as a college student a little easier.

"It saved me a lot of time just because I was trying to run from class to a meeting so I was just able to get it delivered real quick," Buschman explained. 

Andrew Russell is the site lead with Starship Technologies. He said the cooler-shaped robots are built to keep the food they are transporting secure.

"It locks so no one else can open it or anything like that. Only the person receives the order can open it," Russell said.

The on-demand robots can have their delivery time and location tracked by recipients through the Starship Food Delivery app.

Russell said once students order from one of the 10 merchants available on campus, they drop a pin and the robot sends them their order.

"It just takes out travel time, stress, and waiting in line," Russell added.

The fleet of electric-powered delivery drones can maneuver around obstacles such as sidewalks, traffic and snow.

"It’s pretty polite, it stops for people, it stops for traffic, it goes pretty much anywhere on campus," Russell said.

For a small delivery fee, the six-wheeled machines are the answer to every young appetite.

"I think it was maybe like less than 2 bucks for the delivery fee so really not bad; definitely worth it," Buschman explained.

You don’t have to be a UK student to use the robotic service. Russell said the company provides delivery to nearby hospitals, as well.