LEXINGTON, Ky. — For years, Main Street Baptist Church has been fighting to get its parking spots back after losing over two hundred spots to the City of Lexington.

What You Need To Know

  • Main Street Baptist Church is fighting to get its space back

  • Ralph Hill spoke on behalf of Main Street Baptist Church

  • The Church brought up the issue during the public comment during the Council meeting on August 26, 2021

  • Council member At-Large, Richard Moloney agrees with the church


Ralph Hill with the Main Street Baptist Church is one of the many fighting to keep the existence and history of the church alive.

“The first meeting that we had with the park board. When they came to our chapel, they came in and said that we're here to tell you what we're going to do, not that we don't want any input from you on that. And that's been the case since that time, up to this very day,” Hill said.

After a proposed plan for the space around the church to become a part of the Town Branch Park, the Main Street Baptist Church would be losing hundreds of parking spaces. 

“We have asked for it. We asked for it because we needed it. On-Demand for funerals and emergencies,” Hill said. 

Council At-Large member, Richard Moloney says he agrees with Hill and the Church asking for their space back and is encouraging the city to rethink its plans. 

“To me, this is the easiest fix. And if you start this fix it will spread through the community that Lexington is hearing the concern that the African Americans need and this is the easiest fix you can do,” Moloney said.

Moloney said now he and the church must wait for Mayor Linda Gorton to repsond to public comments.

We have reached out to the Mayor’s office and council members for their responses on the issue and have not heard back.