VERSAILLES, Ky. — Coronavirus cases for the Delta variant are on the rise across the nation. In Kentucky, a church in Woodford County experienced an outbreak of more than 40 cases in June.

What You Need To Know

  • Woodford County tests positive for five Delta variant cases

  • Across the state Coronavirus cases are increasing

  • Public Health Director awaits results of three more samples

  • With a 66% vaccination rate in the county, Woodford leads the state with the highest rate of vaccination

This week, Public Health Director Cassie Prather said lab results show some samples tested positive for the Delta variant.

“The virus doesn’t know county lines,” Prather said.

On June 27, officials said Kings Way’s Church experienced an outbreak of more than 40 cases.

“You know, here we are almost a month later and this, we're still saying the ripple effects of that outbreak at that church,” Prather said. “It's been an eye-opener to just how transmissible these variants are.”

The spread of those cases came from just one exposure.

“So for us right now the big question mark that’s hanging, and I think I can speak for the community because we’ve gotten so many questions is, is this the Delta variant,” Prather said.

Prather said her team immediately started collecting samples, began working with the church and submitted the swabs to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

“Of the 41 cases that we know of at least here in Woodford County, we've submitted the eight specimens," Prather said.

Results for five out of the eight samples came back testing positive for the Delta variant.

“We are in a county where the vaccination rate is pretty high, but it seems like the people that haven't gotten it at this point still will not get it, regardless if they've been infected or not. So that, that has been a difficult pill to swallow,” Prather said.

The vaccination rate is 66% for the county. It leads the state in the most people with the vaccine.

“I urge you again, please get the vaccine,” Prather said.

The public health director said by Friday, results for the rest of the samples should return. Results take about two weeks to process.