MT. STERLING, Ky. — June Johnson, a resident at Sterling Meadows Assisted Living, is using her artwork to bring smiles to others in the building.

What You Need To Know

  • June Johnson is a 90-year-old resident at Sterling Meadows Assisted Living

  • Johnson started painting years ago after retiring from teaching

  • Sterling Meadows Assisted Living has two hallways filled with her artwork

“If you've never painted before, it’s a little bit tricky but it’s fun. I love painting,” Johnson said.

A painting June Johnson made of her mailbox. (Spectrum News 1/Crystal Sicard)

After she retired from being a teacher, Johnson decided to take up watercolors. Little did she know, it would become her passion.

“Oh I love it, sometimes you paint and you think you’re going to get something else and it turns out to be not quite exactly what you wanted to paint — that’s all right,” Johnson said.

Johnson lives at Sterling Meadows Assisted Living in Mount Sterling. When COVID-19 hit, she said it was difficult to continue painting.

“It was very hard for us to paint because they didn’t want to get sick,” Johnson said.

When COVID-19 restrictions lifted, Johnson’s brushes were back on the canvas. The assisted living facility has even dedicated two hallways in the facility for her paintings.

“It made me really happy that they would let me do that,” Johnson said.

June Johnson paints a floral masterpiece. (Spectrum News 1/Crystal Sicard)

With a special meaning behind each painting, Johnson said she’s thankful to have a supportive community.

“I had four brothers and two sisters and we lived in this big house and my brother been sent me, he had taken a photograph,” Johnson said.

Taking a walk around the facility, Johnson’s artwork is in multiple hallways, rooms, and even in the community center, guaranteed to bring joy to anyone who may come across them.