BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — The Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society rescued about 80 dogs from Hart county recently, despite being over capacity.

What You Need To Know

  • Warren County's Humane Society had to install temporary kennels to accommodate an influx of rescues from Hart county

  • The rescue started as a good Samaritan act but became too much for the individual, and the Humane Society had to step in

  • Adoptions have been on the rise since the rescue mission

Being there for the animals is the ultimate goal, but Director Lorri Hare said the daunting rescue put pressure on the shelter. 

“Right now we are just so full and we are overcapacity," Hare said. "We put temporary kennels in areas where we normally don't have kennels and we need to get some of those adopted out before we can out reach and help anymore."

Bowling Green resident Kyra Cross recently adopted from the center, looking to help in any way she could. 

“I’m thrilled to be a big help," Cross said. "I’ll spread the word I take my dogs out everywhere I go and anytime I see anybody I will be sure to let them know where it came from.”

The Humane Society partnered with the Guardians of Rescue who helped assist in giving the dogs temporary homes. Despite the strain, Hare said adoptions have been rising.

“We have had an increased amount of adoptions this week," she said. "We really hope that that continues for the summer because our max wont start decreasing until the fall.”

Spay and neuter services are available at the center, which Hare said will help cut down on the influx of dogs.

The Humane Society is open every day of the week except for Wednesday, and dog adoptions can start as low as $95.