BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — The CDC announced yesterday that fully vaccinated Kentuckians will no longer have to wear masks inside and outside. Gov. Andy Beshear also said the mask mandate will be lifted for all starting next month. Despite the new rulings, local businesses are not quite ready to fully allow no masks.

What You Need To Know

  • Some Small businesses will still require masks for customers and employees

  • Gov. Beshear will lift the mask mandate for everyone starting June 11

  • There are still shots available for those who are not yet vaccinated

Matt Pfefferkorn, owner of Mellow Matt's and More, said his staff is fully vaccinated and he is putting his trust in the honor system in term of customers. 

“It’s just a thing that we monitor and it is sort of a leap of faith type thing but we have a great customer base," Pfefferkorn said. "People really look out for one another too so im confident in humanity.”

With the mandate now being lifted, it can be tough to know who isn't and who is fully vaccinated. VP of Med Center Health Melinda Joyce knows this moment has been a long time coming. 

"I am a little worried about knowing who will and won't be vaccinated," Joyce said "That said with so many people who are fully vaccinated this is just another move for us to get back to a more normal way of life."

Restaurants such as Con Cons and Chickadee's will require employees to wear masks still just for good measure. 

“We have chosen to continue to wear our mask," said Debrah Thomas, Co-Owner of Chickadee's "We have a lot of elderly clientele and in an effort to keep them safe and to make them feel comfortable to come here we think its a good idea for us to wear our mask but we are not going to judge anyone who comes in without one."

“I am requiring my staff to wear them and I'm asking my customers to wear them but I am starting to ease up.” said Connie Blair, Owner of Con Cons

The mandate will be lifted for everyone starting June 11, according to Gov. Beshear.