WINCHESTER, Ky. —  Dynamic Drones Solution is giving veterans an opportunity to gain skills and get jobs within the drone industry.

What You Need To Know

  • Dynamic Drones Solution teaching veterans how to fly drones

  • The program is completely free to the veterans

  • The program will have two more sessions throughout this year

  • Dynamic Drones Solution hopes to prepare Veterans for new job opportunities

Lubrina Burton and Rodney James are two Army veterans using their military knowledge and learning to fly drones. Burton said after years of serving, it can be hard to find opportunities that align with their skills and military training.

“I really appreciate that it’s not just a hands on kind of nuts and bolts of flying the drone and how it works everything but how you might apply this in the real world and I think that's something anybody can use. Especially veterans because when we get out in the world, we don't always know how our skills will translate or what we can use them for,” Burton said.

Dewayne Yarbough, founder of Dynamic Drones Solution in Lexington is providing a four-week course on operating a drone, in hopes to help veterans with new job opportunities.

“It's imperative to provide something for our individuals, our heroes, the men and women that were willing to sign on the dotted line for their country. No matter what their country asked for, they were willing to answer the call. And so, my company decided that we should do the same,” Yarbough said.

A Veteran himself, Yarbough said through donations and sponsorships from small business and community members, the program is completely free.

“No veteran that comes through our program pays for one cent of any type of training, they are sponsored 100%. They are able to better themselves. It doesn't have to be our goal. We want it to be their goal. And so whatever their goal is for the UAS industry. We want to help them achieve that goal,” Yarbough said.

James said working with the program has helped him grow and is looking forward to the opportunities that may arise, he even made some new friends in the process. 

"I enjoy working with veterans. We're like-minded, we've all gone through the same things. We made a commitment to serve our country. And it's good to tell the stories and have camaraderie at that level, and also meeting new people. I have seven or eight new friends, new folks that I get a chance to share ideas with and possibly work with in the future,” James said.

The Dynamic Drones Solution academy will have two more sessions over the next few months this year.