LOUISVILLE, Ky. — D’Corey Johnson is a third grade student at Bates Elementary School, but the pipes on the 9 year old will leave you speechless.

After Bates Elementary posted a video of D’Corey’s rendition of the National Anthem, he has gone viral. Something D’Corey himself never expected would happen.

“Shoot I didn't expect so many people to view that and share it and like it,” D’Corey said.

Since the video was posted it has gained thousands of views and likes and D’Corey’s parents' phones haven't stopped ringing.

“The Tennessee Titans, the man called me and was like hey your son, when I heard him he said I was just blown away. We want him to come and sing and i was like yeah, yeah he’ll be there,” Nakia Johnson, D’Corey’s mom said.

“Demontrez’s dad, he’s a pro boxer in Louisville called, it’s just been phone calls after phone calls,” Corey Johnson, D’Corey’s dad said.

The National Anthem may have made D’Corey an internet sensation but that isn’t the only song performance that is jaw-dropping. From Tina Turner to Whitney Houston, D’Corey can sing it all and hit every note.

“Most of all Tina Turner, I like her songs. I like John Legend, I like Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Beyonce," he said.

Artists from a genre of music not typically in a third grader’s playlist.

“He’s an old soul, his daddy is like that, his father he sings, his whole family sings. But DC he’s just a different type of kid, he’s always been more mature than the average child his age,” Nakia Johnson said.

The third grader may be known for belting lyrics to his favorite songs but he inspires to be so much more. He hopes to use his voice to help mend the community.

“I want my voice to reach other people, not just America. I want it to just reach out to the whole world and stop this suicide and stop the killings and stop everything that’s going on in this world.”

D’corey has also been asked to sing for Holy Cross, University of Louisville and will be working with big time names like Lincoln Bridge and The Crashers.