LEXINGTON.Ky.- Transylvania University in Lexington is helping staff, students, and alumni in their local community get vaccinated. The University has partnered with Wild Health to create a pop-up clinic on campus. 

What You Need To Know

  • Transylvania University hosts pop-up clinic May 3

  • The clinic was open to ages 16 and older and is open to Transylvania students, faculty, staff, family members, alumni and the local community

  • Wild Health will be returning to campus on May 24 to complete the second dose

  • Being on campus, allows Transylvania students to have easy access to get vaccinated

Mason Johnson with Wild Health has helped in many different college clinics around the state. He says being able to work in pop up locations has allowed him to build relationships, and ease the worries that some students may have with the vaccine. 


“We went out to several of the local colleges at this point and the vast majority of appointments made are actually students. Most of the faculty that I've talked to have had the chance to get their vaccines previously so while we have had non student appointments made, the vast majority are students,” Johnson said.

Johnson says the location is convenient for people in the local community and gives easy access to students who may not have their own transportation on campus.

“If you've got half an hour to kill between classes, it's a chance you can come in and get vaccinated without ever having to go to your car. Fight with downtown traffic you can come in, get your vaccine and get right back to class so this is a convenient shop right here in the Campus Center that we're offering students to come in and get the vaccines,” Johnson said.

Robin Prichard with Transylvania University says the clinic is allowing the University to be a place where they can give back to those in the surrounding downtown areas. 

“The community, the downtown community, is very special to us and we have other partnerships with downtown so one of our community directors reached out to several groups and invited them to come and be a part of this opportunity,” Prichard said. 

Prichard says the University plans to continue this partnership with Wild Health providing a location for additional pop-up clinics throughout the summer and into next school year.

“I already talked to them in August as we moved in. We've even thought about you knowing you got your key. If you need a vaccination, we'll have someone over here. As you move into the dorms come over and get vaccinated. So definitely, they're great partners, we're very thankful for that,” Prichard said.

Wild Health will be returning to campus on May 24 to complete the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.