LEXINGTON, Ky. — The City of Lexington is partnering with Secretary of State Michael Adams to ensure elections are safe and secure.

What You Need To Know

  • City of Lexington partnering with Secretary of State to create safer voting for future elections

  • New devices called Yubikey are being sent to all 120 county clerk offices in Kentucky

  • Yubikey will help improve cybersecurity by creating a two-factor identification authorization

  • Kentucky's next election is in 2022


“Voting was accessible and convenient, more than ever before, and it was very successful," Linda Gorton, Mayor of Lexington said. "We can always continue to think critically and creatively, and this is a great example of that and I'm happy to join Secretary Adams, along with several state offices and agencies to enhance our election system safety,” she added.

Gorton announced a new security device for Kentucky’s next elections in 2022. The City of Lexington received a grant and took its first steps this week to implement the changes.

“We are now providing devices to be allocated at no cost to our county clerks providing for two-factor authentication for all logins to the statewide voter registration system,” Michael Adams, Secretary of State said.

Adams says those devices that are being distributed to 120 county clerk’s offices are called Yubikey. These devices will help improve cybersecurity for future elections. 

“It’s like you logging into your bank. Your bank I assume asks you for two-factor authentication, they probably text you. This is the equivalent of that except us instead of using the cellphones of the status of the county clerk's offices instead the code is sent to a YubiKey device. So this is just a precaution,” Adams said.