RAVENNA, Ky. — Many Kentuckians in Estill County are working to repair and clean up flood damages from earlier this week. The Ravenna Church of God provided cleaning supplies, bottled water, and other goods to Kentuckians in need.

What You Need To Know

  • Floods devastated eastern Kentucky earlier this week, and communities are working together to rebuild and recover

  • Estill County's Ravenna Church of God handed out cleaning supplies and bottled water to the community on Saturday

  • Water levels started dropping in most parts of Kentucky on Thursday

  • Ravenna Church of God will be handing out more supplies on Monday

“Once you get the stuff out, then you have to rebuild. And once you get things rebuilt then you got to rebuild the emotional scars that are gonna be there for a long time, because people's lives have been turned upside down, memories have been lost and lost forever,” Pastor Church Ferrell said. 

Ferrell said Estill County will need a lot of helping hands to get their community back on their feet.

“Our house was surrounded by water and so we watched it firsthand. And over the course of the week. We watched the water rise, we watched it recede. You know, and we saw our neighbors, across the way that had water up in their house and we've lived this nightmare. All week long,” Ferrell said.

On Thursday, water levels started dropping and Ferrell and his church community set out to finding supplies for their community. The church received their first truck delivery full of cleaning supplies on Friday and started handing the products out to the community Saturday morning.

“Cleaning supplies, bleach, detergent, water, towels, you know, things that are needed to help start cleanup. So we're doing the distribution to our community, to give out to all those in need, you know just come by and get them,” Ferrell said.

Even some of the youngest members in the community like Brylee Brinegar participated in Saturday’s clean up and handing out supplies.

“It was like there was water everywhere, and people were trying to get places so they could be safe, people were getting a bunch of food and stuff, so that they wouldn't get affected,” Brinegar said.

After seeing the flooding, Brinegar said she wants to do everything possible to help her community.

“We love our community and our community is really important, and that we know they're safe,”  Brinegar said.

Ravenna Church of God is expecting another round of supplies to come through on Sunday and will be outside of the Church Monday, March 8 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. handing out supplies to anyone in need.