ELIZABETHTOWN Ky. — Millions of Americans have already received their second stimulus check, but many Kentuckians haven’t. 

What You Need To Know

  • Many Kentuckians are still waiting on stimulus checks

  • Those who don't receive funds may be eligible for a recovery credit from the IRS

  • Twx preparers say physical checks are being sent so check your mail


And for one Kentucky woman whose life has been turned upside down by the pandemic, that relief can’t come soon enough.

“That is really frustrating because you’re currently going out, you're checking the mail, there’s still nothing,” explains Tabby Flora.

The latest round of relief included payments of $600 for eligible adults and their dependents.

For some like Flora, that money is badly needed. She’s unemployed and expecting her first child.

“Borrowing money especially during this time is something no one wants to have to do because everyone is struggling,” says Flora.

The majority of Americans plan to use the money immediately, according to a new survey from Doxo.

“With this stimulus though, it would’ve helped you know trying to get bills at least caught up, food on the table, things that people need that they necessarily can’t get right now because of the limited money.

Flora has gone on the IRS website and followed all the prompts. So far, she’s had no luck. She has also tried calling the IRS.

“Sitting on there (the phone) for two hours is a hassle and you’ve got to do it as soon as they open,” explains Flora.

There are even Facebook groups specifically addressing the lack of stimulus check payments.

“People who are like 'I finally got mine' and someone is like 'Where are you located 'cause I still haven’t gotten mine' and it’s just a huge mess,” adds Flora.

Nancy Drawbaugh is a tax preparer in Shelbyville. She says paper checks have already started going out and will continue to be sent over the next few weeks. Some people will be mailed debit cards so she advises Kentuckians to check their mail frequently.

In the meantime for Flora, it’s a matter of patience.

“At least I still have a roof over my head you know, at least I’m not on the streets like there are other people and that’s just how you have to see things at the moment,” says Flora.

If you do not receive a check or deposit by the end of the month, the IRS says you may be eligible to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit.   You can also use the IRS website to check on the status of your stimulus money.