KENTUCKY — It’s an iconic Kentucky landmark, during this holiday season, has been transformed into Christmas wonderland — the Ark Encounter.

Located in Northern Kentucky's Williamstown, the Ark Encounter is covered in over one million festive lights. The religious theme park's landmark — Noah's Ark — is illuminated in a remarkable sea of rainbow-colored lights.

Ken Ham, CEO of the Ark Encounter, said the park wanted to have a traditional Christmas complete with spectacular light displays this year. Looking at Noah's Ark, visitors will see that they followed through on that goal.

"This is a life-size Noah's Ark, one and a half times the length of a football field," Ham said. "There's nothing like that in anywhere else in the world. And you'd go a long way in the whole of the United States to find a spectacular display of lights as you see here."

Ark Encounter is ensuring guest safety through social distancing and mask measures.

To ensure the safety of guests during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Ark Encounter made significant changes to their daily operations in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

"People can be assured family friendly, safe place to come. And I think people are just ready to get out of the house and they want to do something. And with all the shutdowns and the lock downs, and I think people being a little depressed, they can come here, have a fun time, listen to the Christmas carols, see all the lights, have a great family time together," Ham said.

Christmastime at the Ark Encounter is becoming something of a Christmas tradition for families throughout Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio.

The spectacular Christmas light display in Grant County helps to share the hope of Christmas. Visitor Taylor Hollingsworth was excited to make a trip during the holidays.

"We think it's beautiful. It's a beautiful experience. Glad we got the whole family out here. A little bit brisk, but the lights make a huge difference, makes it tolerable and enjoyable," Hollingsworth said.

Hollingsworth's children were also huge fans of the lights on display.

"They're all really bright. There're so many different colors and they're so cool. And they're bright," they said. "I liked the Christmas lights because they're purple, and orange, and green, and blue, and purple, and red, all those stuff."

The lights will be up through December 30. The Ark Encounter is closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Entry to see the lights is free to the public, except for the cost of parking, which is $10. To find out more visit

If you're looking for a safe and unforgettable holiday attraction, The Ark Encounter in Grant County is worth the trip to see something that is “Bigger Than Imagination."