FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky will receive more doses of the coronavirus vaccine this month.

What You Need To Know

  • Kentucky to receive another 33,800 vaccines from Moderna by the end of December

  • Pfizer to send 38,025 next week

  • Priority groups remain the same; long-term care facilities at the top of the list

  • Frontline healthcare workers also to receive initial round of vaccines

Gov. Andy Beshear announced Moderna will send another 33,800 vaccines by the end of December. 

Pfizer is sending 38,025 vaccines next week, followed by more than 76,700 from Moderna the following week, and now 33,800 more from Moderna in the final week of December.  

Pfizer is also expected to send two more shipments of its vaccine by the end of the month, but Beshear said the details aren’t finalized yet.

The priority groups for those vaccines remain the same, with long-term care facilities at the top of the list.

“We want that vaccination program to go as quickly as possible,” Beshear said. “If we can cut off 66 percent of our fatalities in the first two, two and a half months, oh my, that would be something really special.”

Frontline healthcare workers at 11 hospitals across the state will also receive a share of the initial vaccines, but that’ll be it for at least the first month.

Beshear asked for patience.

“It’s going to be the hardest patience that anybody could ask for because you’re worried about losing somebody between now and when we can get the vaccine, but there is not enough to go around,” Beshear said.

The vaccine news comes as Kentucky enters the final week of Beshear’s latest restrictions— and Beshear says he plans on letting bars and restaurants return to 50 percent capacity when those orders expire Dec. 14. 

“And let me just add that when we come back, we need everyone being militant about the mask mandate,” Beshear said. “It’s a place where people come together and take off their masks. It’s exactly where COVID wants to spread. So what it means is every minute you’re not eating or drinking, you need to have that mask on, and if you don’t enforce it, then the areas become unsafe again.”

So far, 3,753 businesses have requested help from the state’s bar and restaurant fund. Their requests amount to $35 million worth of aid, pending approval.