LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A judge ruled on a motion filed by Attorney General Daniel Cameron, granting his office an extension on the deadline to submit the grand jury recordings from the Breonna Taylor case. His office has until Friday, Oct. 2 at noon to submit the recordings.

Cameron filed a motion with the Jefferson Circuit Court Tuesday asking for an additional week so his office can protect the privacy of those involved in the case. Specifically, the motion "seeks to redact personal identifiers of any named person, and to redact both the names and personal identifiers of any private citizen."



Elizabeth Kuhn, a spokesperson for Cameron, wrote in an email to Spectrum News 1 that the grand jury audio recording is more than 20 hours long. Kuhn says the judge is expected to rule on the motion today. 

Monday, Judge Ann Bailey Smith ordered the release of the grand jury recordings during former Louisville Metro Police Department Detective Brett Hankison's arraignment. Hankison, the only officer involved in Taylor's death to face charges from the grand jury, pleaded not guilty to three counts of wanton endangerment during the arraignment. Cameron announced he would comply with the ruling but still expressed concern saying the release of information could compromise other ongoing investigations.