LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council members discuss COVID-19 updates in Lexington and how it may impact this year's flu season.

“We don't want somebody to really have COVID-19 and think they have the flu and not get treated, it's going to be a very interesting flu season.” The spokesperson for the Fayette County Health Department, Kevin Hall said.

August was one of the highest months for COVID-19 cases in Lexington and almost two weeks into September, cases continue to increase. With flu season around the corner, the health department believes they may see a rise in both the flu and COVID-19 cases with increased testing.

“But on the other hand, the confirmed cases may go up because medical providers are probably going to do the nasal tests which is the official formal test to rule out the flu versus COVID-19,” Hall said.

Hall says they hope with all the precautions in place for COVID-19, that this year's flu season will not be as bad as years in the past because people should still be socially distant and wearing masks. 

“But on one hand it's less likely to spread. Because people are supposed to be staying apart, wearing their masks, and schools might not be in actual person settings.” Hall said. 

Since symptoms are similar, most medical facilities will start testing for both COVID and the flu for anyone showing symptoms. The Fayette County Health Department is working on a save the date for October 3 for free flu shots for the members in the community who may need one.