BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Western Kentucky University is offering students a safe and quiet place to attend online classes known as Zoom rooms.

What You Need To Know

  • Zoom rooms available across WKU campus

  • Rooms meant for online classes, quizzes

  • Also provide change of scenery for students

  • Hand sanitizer, wipes available in all rooms

Many students are taking a hybrid schedule this semester, participating in both online and in-person classes. To help students who may have an in-person class followed by an online course, the university has designated the Zoom rooms for students to work. The rooms are meant for students who may have an online quiz or Zoom class. 

Third-year WKU student Harrison Moore says these rooms are a great tool for students to utilize to stay on track. 

“I think it's important to just set aside that time of day and just make sure you block out any distractions. I know people have trouble like maybe they have a Zoom class, but they have something going on and since you’re not in person, you have to have more self-discipline and make yourself set aside that time and get a quiet area and put your headphones in, that way you can really be as if you were in the class,” said Moore. 

The Zoom rooms also provide a change of scenery for students who may have an online-only schedule this semester. 

Third-year meteorology major Michael Quire spent his Friday afternoon in one of campus's Zoom rooms. Relocating from his kitchen table and desk bedroom, he says these rooms are a great way to keep himself focused. 

“Just trying to get away from the house. I think I work better whenever I’m not stuck in one place all the time, I’m free of the distractions and then I can just break down and focus to get work done when I’m in that kind of atmosphere that school provides for me," said Quire. 

Hand sanitizer, paper towels, and disinfectant spray are provided in all of the Zoom rooms across campus. WKU plans to offer hybrid learning through the rest of the fall semester.