DANVILLE, Ky.— After being diagnosed at a young age, a high school senior and his football team are now raising awareness of epilepsy in Boyle County. Every year, the Boyle County High School Rebels football team chooses an organization to benefit from their fundraising arm, Rebels For A Cause. 

The senior group decided to support the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana this year, to show their support for a teammate who was diagnosed when he was in 6th grade. Jacob Heist, says that football was his life, and in 7th grade when the doctors told him he would never play again, he told them he would do the impossible and beat the odds. 

“I went to multiple doctors and they kept telling me I never play again, I never play again and I really was not taking that and I said watch me” Heist said.

Now a senior at Boyle County High School, Jacob has been able to participate in games and has been seizure-free for the past three years. The t-shirts cost $10 and all proceeds are going directly to the Epilepsy Foundation Of Kentuckiana.

“Right when we were freshmen here we knew, when we were seniors this was our cause. And there wasn’t any arguing they knew they picked it. It wasn’t just me.” Heist said. 

ESPN’s Dick Vitaleeven donated to the fundraiser.


Jacob’s mother, Jennifer Heist said she was speechless and did not believe it was the sports announcer when she first talked to him but is grateful for his contribution and support. 

To donate, you can contact Jennifer Heist at 606-899-7736 or email jl.heist@hotmail.com