BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Western Kentucky University welcomed students back to campus for the first time since March. After shutting down the campus and moving to online classes in response to COVID-19, students were welcomed back on Monday.

What You Need To Know

  • WKU welcomes back students

  • University shut down campus, moved classes online in March

  • In-person, online classes available

  • New safety precautions in place

The university is offering both in-person and online courses this semester. A sophomore studying business, Cameron Cardwell, says he's happy to be back in the classroom.

"Definitely like the desk thing was weird, but they definitely got it pretty good where its not as bad as you think it would, there’s still plenty of kids in there so you’re still getting to meet new people, get to meet new people you haven’t met in that class,” said Cardwell. 

Classrooms will have reduced capacity, and desks will be socially distanced to keep students safe. The campus will also offer Zoom rooms for students who may need to attend an online class after an in-person course. All students are encouraged to wear masks and wash their hands multiple times throughout the day. Stairways have been designated for students coming to and from class, and there's increased signage throughout the campus, reminding students to be safe.

The college of Education will have building ambassadors that will help keep students safe according to the Dean Dr. Corinne Murphy.

“They’ll be a lot of our students and staff and our faculty walking around helping people, reminding them about their masks, reminding them to wash their hands, thanking them for keeping distance with each other” said Murphy.

Entering her sophomore year, Virginia Sullivant says that while things look different, her spirit stays optimistic. 

“Its kind of sad that things aren’t the same, but I think that the school spirit is still there, and I’m still glad to be back home, because its been almost six months, so it's definitely different but I’m just so happy to be back,” said Sullivant. 

WKU will continue to offer an in-person and online platform, as long as cases remain low.