WASHINGTON, D.C. — Louisville-based poet and activist Hannah Drake has been among the loudest voices calling for justice for Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Louisville EMT who was shot in her apartment by Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers in March.

Drake is the official poet laureate of the movement.

"As a Black woman, I am so tired of picking between the lesser of two evils. Who is the least racist? Who is going to not enact so many policies that are going to impact my life," said Drake on her frustrations with the political process.

Though Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden wasn't her first choice, she says he's evolved enough on policy issues, like criminal justice reform, that she's comfortable enough to support him now.

"It just feels like something you have to do because to not do it would leave Trump in office for four more years," she said.

Drake says Biden's decision to tap Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate was a good choice, despite her concerns with Harris's complicated record on criminal justice reform as well.

"I try to think if she could go back now, would she do the same thing," she said. "Now is the time, and it’s always been the time for this nation to listen to Black women and trust Black women and allow us to lead. I always knew that she was going to be the person. It would have been foolish of him not to pick her, and I think she’s a great candidate."

In accepting the nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention, Biden called for national unity. In the weeks ahead, he'll have to continue to maintain the approval of progressives and moderates in the party.

"United we can and will overcome this season of darkness in America," Biden said.

Drake believes authenticity is key.

"Speak to the people. People’s basic human needs are pretty much always the same and tell them how you will change their lives. Instead of speaking to people with these lofty ideas, it needs to be, this is how you are going to get a job and this is how you are going to be able to keep your lights on and keep food on your table," said Drake.