LOUISVILLE, Ky.  A Kentucky 3-year-old is now rolling through the halls at Frazier Rehab, but getting there wasn't an easy road.

Rori Shane was born with a rare heart disease, and her parents were told to brace for the worst.

“It was bad, and they prepared us that she was in the last stages of heart failure,” Rori's mom, Jennifer Shane, said.

When she was 16 months old, her parents got a call they will never forget. Doctors told them a heart was available, so she could receive a life-saving heart transplant.

"It was absolutely amazing. Your daughter essentially gets a second chance at life," Rori's dad, James Shane, said.

That heart transplant gave her a new chance at life, but the work was far from over. Rori spent most of her life in a hospital. That, paired with her heart condition, means Rori is a little behind developmentally. That's why she's currently at Frazier Rehab. 

While there, Rori works on walking and talking while undergoing occupational therapy. When Rori came back for her second round of therapy at Frazier recently, some of the pediatric staff members were happy to see her progress.

"She is a completely different kid," Frazier Rehab pediatric program coordinator Sky Thompson said. "It is always amazing for our staff to see what they have done that has impacted these kids so greatly."

Looking at how far she's come, Rori's parents say they owe a lot to Frazier rehab. The staff there works with the Shane family, so they know how to continue these rehab practices at home. That means when Rori's time for inpatient stay is up, she can continue these development practices at home.

Rori's parents know the sky is the limit.

"With everything she has been through she's a testament of strength for anyone," said Jennifer.