LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Temperature checks have become routine if you want to enter a store or a restaurant. But, some businesses and school administrators are turning to a temperature scanning kiosk to help scan and record temperature readings.

“It takes the human element out. There won’t be someone standing there with a face mask and a shield taking temperatures and saying you’re ‘ok’. This will record that information,” said John Raque from RedTech7.

In its simplest form, the temperature scanning kiosk is an Android tablet that senses a human face and scans a temperature. The tablet will give a “green” light if the temperature reading is a preprogrammed acceptable range. It will flash red if the temperature is unacceptable. The unit can also be programmed to detect whether or not the detected face is wearing a mask.

The software that comes with the uint can tie into a company’s HR system to help them manage data on employees and visitors. It can also be tied into building access software so that it can lock out an associate with an unacceptable temperature reading.

“It will give a company data that they can utilize in case one of their associates is unfortunate enough to get sick,” said Ann Raque Redmond from RedTech7. “It can track what the associate’s temperature was, and when it was taken.”

Schools and companies said that the safety component and the contact tracing component makes it valuable against COVID-19. So far, a few local private schools and a manufacturing company have utilized this piece of technology. Nationally, an El Paso school system recently ordered 300 units to place them at their schools.

“We’ve seen this application used so far in both education and manufacturing,” said Raque.