LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A newly posted eyewitness video appears to give the public its first view outside Breonna Taylor’s home just before her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, was taken into police custody.

What You Need To Know

  • New video of the aftermath of the Breonna Taylor 

  • Video posted by Taylor's sister

  • Video has been edited

  • Time of when video was shot undetermined

The nearly three-minute-long video from March 13 was posted by Taylor’s sister, Juniyah Palmer. Her attorney, Lonita Baker tells Spectrum News it was recorded by one of Taylor’s neighbors in an apartment complex. 

The video is edited and cuts between shots several times, but police are repeatedly seen and heard yelling instructions to Walker to slowly move out of the home and toward them.

At one point, an officer asks Walker if he’s been hit by a bullet, to which he can be heard saying, “No.”

The man can be heard sobbing and much of what he says is not picked up by the distant camera. But the word "girlfriend" can be heard.

The video is not timestamped and Baker says Palmer cannot confirm exactly when during the incident it was filmed. Walker's 911 call from that night was released in late May, in which a frantic Walker tells a dispatcher, "I don't know what is happening. Somebody kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend."

As Walker backs up toward officers, a handful of officers approach him with their guns aimed directly at him. A dog barks from behind a car and the officer giving instructions yells loudly at Walker, "Walk back to me! Keep on walking! Walk now!"

"I'm trying!" Walter replies while sobbing.

He eventually gets on his knees, and the video cuts to officers walking him to a police car with his hands behind his back.

Walker was charged with the attempted murder of a police officer. Those charges were dropped on May 26.