LOUISVILLE, Ky. —  In a sea of voters, there were a lot of young faces casting their ballot for the time.

Many we spoke with were encouraged by the protests that have taken place in downtown Louisville.

One young man we caught up with says the protests played a huge role in his decision to get out and vote. 

“The protests motivated me a lot to actually get out and do something that’s going help out my community because of all the injustice that going on currently in Louisville. Right now with the LMPD and of course the death of Breonna Taylor brought up many problems and issues that need to fix and I feel like voting is a way I can use my voice and bring light to the problem," Jayden Rankin said.

It was Rankin’s first time voting in an election and he was excited to capitalize on the momentum he’s witnessed first-hand at Jefferson Square.

“I had a feeling of happiness not happiness but courage and I had a good feeling inside because I was standing up for my people and I knew I was doing the right thing and making my voice heard," Rankin said.

And some long time voters say the protests have reinvigorated them.

They are hoping for a change and hoping to see people of all different walks life at the table.

“There’s a lot that has to be done and voices need to be heard and lifted but where the real change is going to be made in voting," Claire Olberz said.

And as for Rankins, he’s made a life long commitment to being involved in the political process.

He says it’s the only way the future will look brighter for all Kentuckians.

“Think of the common things you go through in your daily lives most of them have a political influence and if you want change in your communities and all the parts of your daily life you should come out and vote," Rankin said.