LEXINGTON, Ky.— With most parents working from home and children being home from school, keeping them occupied can be difficult. Jessica Basham, a mom in Lexington created a Facebook page 5 years ago that is now a great resource for working moms during this coronavirus pandemic. 

As of right now the Bluegrass Working Mom page has a little over 2,500 members in the group. Basham has created different conversation threads within the group to help working moms find resources they may need during this tough time.

Some of the conversation threads are for affordable childcare options, resources to keep children entertained throughout the day while parents are working, and even ways for parents to help their kids with school work while they are at home. 

"Really, our main mission is to support the working mom's struggle. That's always been the original mission and its continued until this day.” Founder of Bluegrass Working Moms Facebook page, Jessica Basham said. 

If you would like more information, can go to their Bluegrass Working Moms Facebook Page.