PALMYRA, In. — As restaurants are forced to drastically adjust business or close down completely during the coronavirus response, one business owner in another industry says he wants to help.

Derby season is the most profitable time of year for Rent-A-Tent in Palmyra, Indiana, and its owner Mike Cundiff. With festival season soon after, he’s bracing to take a one-two punch in losses. He knows restaurants are getting hit hard as well, and says he’s offering his company’s tents and labor — for pennies on the dollar — to any restaurant in the Louisville area that wants to provide drive-thru meals for its customers.

“It might help somebody else,” Cundiff said while standing in front of a stack of rolled up, unused tents. “That might get them to retain a couple more employees by being able to offer that type of service.”

Cundiff says he won’t be profiting off of the deals, but that it’s a way to make back some of his lost money while helping out another vital industry.