FLORENCE, Ky. –  As the weekend approaches, many churches across the commonwealth are offering alternative services.

This includes the Crossroads Church in Northern Kentucky.

The decision is based on efforts to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus and church organizations are having to make tough decisions.

“Situation with the virus is very fluid and it's changing by the hour,” said Malcolm Henderson, Florence community pastor.

Churches are also getting creative to build bonds among their members.

“Some pieces of our service where we typically have a shake hand and greet people moment. We have a moment where we pass our offering bags and we're deciding to do other things instead of that,” Henderson said.

All that changed when in the middle of this interview when Henderson received a message that indicated all services this weekend will be offered online.

“I think at this point I'm just finding that out where trying to use the sermon and wisdom to do everything we can as a local church to not allow the disease to spread any farther than it already has,” Henderson said.

Leaders with the Crossroads Church said their buildings will not be open in efforts to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. They're redirecting their 3,000 plus church members in Florence to digital interactive worship experiences and prayers.

In a plea this week Governor Andy Beshear asked places of worship to cancel services.

“We're going to have an online experience where we can actually talk about this disease and how it's affecting our city, our country, even our world,” Henderson said. “Just a chance for us to be reminded of where our true hope lies and that's in Jesus. Again we're trying to have a spirit of faith and not a spirit of fear.”

Crossroads Church leaders said the digital services are solely for this weekend.