MAGNOLIA, Ky. — A Kentucky baker is known worldwide for her viral baking videos on the app TikTok.

Leanne Bailey said it all started in December 2016 when she was simply making Christmas cookies for her kids. 

"Once I made one batch, I just kept going," Bailey said.

By Valentine's Day, she made her first sale. That's how the Bailey Bakery came to be, but she never knew how much this at-home business would grow.

She started posting on Facebook for local orders. Then, she decided to post on the app that would later be known as TikTok.

"I downloaded just to give it a try and things took off really quickly," Bailey said.

She now posts videos on there of cookie creations. Those videos have done so well on the app, she now has 5 million followers. That's allowed her another source of income through brand partnerships.

"Sometimes I do logos and sometimes I just play a cookie video with a certain song," Bailey said.

Although the social media site takes up a lot of time now, she still whips up custom cookie orders. Since she does her baking from home, she is not allowed to ship the cookies out, so these are for local orders only. Those who want to place an order can do so on her website, and pick it up at her home in Magnolia.