RICHMOND,Ky. — A Kentucky women is turning her passion for fashion into more than just a hobby. A soon to be mother of three, is finding ways to save money but still wear unique clothing items that look like they came from a boutique.

Catherine Holbrook started sewing as a hobby while she was looking to find something to do while her husband was working on his degree. She found that buying clothing from Goodwill or any discounted clothing stores was cheaper on her wallet than making clothing items from scratch. 

“I thought the best way I could probably do that would be to refashion clothing from discount stores like clearance or goodwill. So I would go to goodwill, and I’ll find really nice fabric that I liked, regardless of what the actual garment looked like because I knew I'd be chopping it up and creating it into something new." Holbrook said. 

In January of 2019, Holbrook started posting her creations on her Instagram account @mrs.cholbrook and now has over 5,000 followers. Catherine says she hopes to use her social media platforms to one day create a Youtube channel to help teach other to sew and to have a creative outlook. 

“For the time being, this is just a hobby, something that I do for myself as a stay at home mom to fulfill that creative outlet that I want, but in the future, I would love to get into YouTube, and really teach women how to start sewing and men, and teaching and education is really important to me it's something I'm passionate about.” Holbrook said.