LOUISVILLE, Ky. —  It’s always baseball season inside the Louisville Slugger factory, but this time of year is extra special. 

The workers have just finished making more than 2,600 bats for major leaguers as they head to spring training. 

Louisville Slugger has been making major league bats for 136 years, a history that’s hard to miss when you tour the building.

"Babe Ruth’s bats were on these carts, Lou Gehrig’s bats were on these carts..." said Rick Redman as he leaned against a row of wood and steel carts that looked exactly their age. Redman is the Vice President of Corporate Communications for Hillerich & Bradsby, the company behind the iconic bats.

"Thinking about all those bats that have been made by Louisville Slugger, coming right here from Louisville, Kentucky, going out to Major League Baseball stadiums all across the country, making baseball history."

Of course, even Louisville Sluggers break eventually. At any time during the year, a bat you order for your child could share a cart with bats made for some of the best ballplayers in the world.

The bats aren't reserved for just major league stars if you or someone you know would like a genuine Louisville Slugger. You can order a personalized one online or when you visit the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.