LEXINGTON, Ky.  – A Chicago-based non-profit organization spent part of their Thursday giving the gift of classroom supplies to local Central Kentucky elementary schools in need.

“I thought it was like amazing and I just thought it was amazing because they are really trying to help out others and I’m so glad they are doing that,” explains 3rd grader, Alyvia Hinton

Enchanted Backpack surprised several dozens of students and teachers at Lexington’s Academy for Leadership at Millcreek Elementary & Booker T. Washington school with 3 cargo vans full of materials that will help students learn to excel and for teachers to make their classrooms fun and exciting learning centers.

“We have everything from brand new books, there’s about 1200 books, sneakers, deorandant, rugs, art supplies, treasure chests, core supplies like paper and markers and we’re just trying to help these teachers reach into their pockets, year after year to help their students in their classrooms,” says Lindsey Bernick of Enchanted Backpack

Bernick adds that the Enchanted Backpack program has become so successful, that the program has been able to branch out and travel across the country, delivering these classroom supplies, free of charge, to schools with at least 50% of their students who are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch.

“Starting children out, if they can come to school and not worried if their shoes fit. They’re not worried if they have the correct supplies and taking that barrier away from them can open their mind and really let them create and have the freedom all day to feel confident to do their best to study hard and be good friends and good people and pay it forward as they grow up and learn how to live in society and give back to community," explains Bernick

“Most of the classroom supplies that parents were asked to purchase have already been used. Fortunately, we do have a very active support system in the Lexington community, but this allows us to not have to worry about a lot of those supplies for the rest of the school year. So it’s a very big deal,” says Academy for Leadership at Millcreek Elementary Principal Dr. Greg Ross