LOUISVILLE, Ky. -Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Andy Beshear and Incumbent Republican Governor Matt Bevin are boasting big fundraising numbers in their quests for the Governor's Mansion.

Beshear's campaign says he has raised $4.2 million since the primary election, bringing overall fundraising for the campaign to over $6.7 million. 

That number includes over $2.82 million for the Beshear/Coleman general election account and nearly $1.3 million for the Kentucky Democratic Party to help with coordinated campaigns. 

Matt Bevin's campaign says they have raised more than $6.3 million in fundraising. That number does not include fundraising by the Republican Party of Kentucky.

The records are not up on the Kentucky Registry of Campaign Finance website yet so a breakdown of who is donating to the campaign is not immediately available. 

All statewide candidates raising more than $3,000 are required to turn in their 60-day Pre-General Reports by Friday, September 13. The reports will reflect campaign activity through September 6.