LOUISVILLE, Ky. -  Election Day 2019 is just around the corner and Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin told Spectrum News 1 today that he would grade his first term as Governor, a B+.

"My level of expectation is higher than others, so I tend to be critical of things. I want to get everything done yesterday. It doesn't always work like that in government. I would get us a solid B+. I'd be tempted to give us higher in that some people didn't believe we'd get done one-third of what we've gotten done in four years. But, we still have more work to do," explains Bevin.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is the Republican nominee in this year's 2019 gubernatorial race while Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear is the Democratic nominee.

Bevin is the first of several candidates for statewide office who will be featured in a 'Conversations with the Candidate' series on In Focus Kentucky, leading up to election day on Tuesday, November 5.

During Monday's recording of In Focus Kentucky, Bevin also commented on his relationship with his current Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton; Recent Business and Economic Development Announcements in Kentucky; His Relationship with POTUS Donald Trump and more.

You can watch Mario Anderson's Conversation with Governor Matt Bevin, in its entirety on Sunday 9/15 at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Spectrum News 1.

Governor Bevin's opponent, Attorney General Andy Beshear will also appear on the Sunday 9/22 edition of In Focus.