LOUISVILLE, Ky. - It’s a Monday at 1 p.m. Ben Helm is doing what he loves, hosting his weekly radio show "At the Helm" on ARTxFM.

The Stones, Dire Straits, and Tom Petty are some of artists you'll hear during his hour on air .

"You can play whatever moves you in hopes that the listener will connect to it and enjoy it" Helm said.

The unique space Ben and other DJs get to enjoy is the brainchild of Sharon Scott, the director of the ARTxFM. She's been at forefront of the low power FM movement for many years. It makes room for non-profits to be on the dial. 

"Really we have a lot of freedom in America to do what we want do with the airwaves and we've really embraced here at ARTxFM. All of our DJ's really appreciate that not only from the government but from our organization we encourage creativity, we encourage experimentation, we encourage people to do different things with the radio that they have never done before and was really the dream of this station and that's really what is happening today," Scott said. 

The process was no easy feat but it's been a labor of love for Scott. She takes pride in knowing listeners never know what to expect when they turn on 97.1 FM.

From bilingual programming, to talk radio, plus country music and R&B.

"One of the most important things about radio for me is connecting to people which is exactly what you'll find Emily Miles doing during her weekly show "Be Here".

"Mondays are tricky days and I always found that listening to music really kicked off my week on a brighter note so my show is about taking time for yourself on Monday to set your intentions and listen to music that makes you feel good so that you can have a productive week," Miles said. 

Miles has also found a way to give back, spending time with high school students who share her love of radio.

"They are producing their own show that includes interviews and connections with their own communities and then the bring it into the station here and the fact that ARTxFM offers that platform to students and to young people in the community to be a part of the radio revolution is really neat and I'm happy to help with them in anyway I can," Miles said. 

Every DJ is volunteering their own time at the station, which is on seven days a week, 24 hours day.  It's 100% listener-funded.

When the stationed launched in 2013 Scott didn't know her vision would have such a profound impact. It's taken hold at time when Scott says people probably need it the most.

"Just the feedback from the community that we are enhancing people’s lives giving them something they really want to listen to we are introducing them to new music new ideas and that's just such an amazing feeling when we go out people say hey i've been listening I love what you're doing that makes it all worth while," Scott said. 

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