LOUISVILLE ,Ky - The beauty industry is a gold mine. Forbes says the industry is worth nearly half a trillion dollars. CBD-infused products will add to that number as more hit the market.

Julie Riley originally went out to buy CBD Oil to help soothe her husband's foot pain.

Cannabidiol is an active ingredient in cannabis derived from the hemp plant.

It doesn’t contain THC which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

CBD oil has been studied to treat issues like anxiety, depression, heart disease and acne.

That’s why Riley started using hemp seed and CBD-infused beauty products.

"I have cystic acne started using it on there and started finding it would heal quicker and prevent more breakouts," Riley said. 

Riley says she even uses the ointments on her four children.

"Itches, bug bites, scrapes, whatever it is that we need to use kind of become a joke in our family just throw some salve on it," Riley said. 

CBD-infused beauty products are not approved, and barely regulated, by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA sent a warning letter to some companies making health claims for CBD. But seeing is believing for “502 HEMP” owner, Dee Dee Taylor.

"So it helps with inflammation it helps with psoriasis, with eczema," Taylor said. 

Taylor says there are differences between hemp and CBD oil. She says that people are seeing more products on the market because the 2018 Farm Bill loosened regulations.

"Hemp seed oil is more of cold press, so that is more for moisturizer. There isn't a lot of medicinal value in it, although it is still great for our skin. The CBD you need to look for is called full spectrum. It has all the compounds of the plant. I think that helps more with skin issues and things like that," Taylor said. 

If you want to try out a few products, Taylor has some suggestions: a fan favorite called the “hemp root salve.”

"For eczema and psoriasis you'd use it a few times a day, but it really does help heal your skin. So, for people with really bad psoriasis it is really just relieving some of that itch and the fact that it gets the white crusty stuff on it, this keeps it moisturized and hopefully let your body heal itself naturally because there are no chemicals in it," Taylor said. 

Next up something fun and bubbly: CBD-infused bath bombs.

"You can totally relax and it will relieve some of that tension. They are all natural and they all smell good, I have even have unscented for people who have issues with scents and smells," Taylor said. 

Taylor keeps her products local by using Kentucky-grown hemp. Meanwhile, Riley says CBD-infused beauty products have helped her confidence. 

“I was incredible self-conscious and I would load up on make- up and all of those things now it's not unusual, yesterday I went to the store and didn’t think twice about not putting make-up on and that's a very unusual just a last few month things for me," Riley said. 

Dermatologist recommend spot testing products on the back of your hand, before using it all over, to check for sensitivity.

CBD-infused and Hemp Seed beauty products range in price, with most starting around 15 dollars.