LOUISVILLE, Ky.-- A new student-led after school activity has been recognized by the Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis in his Student Ambassador Initiative. STEM+Youth, or 'STEMY' is an extracurricular activity run by high schoolers in Jefferson and Oldham counties. Its goal is to promote more student and parent involvement in academics, especially for STEM-disadvantaged students.

"You know engagement also goes to the parents as well. When a parent asks a student what did you do today through STEMy, and when they respond the parents definitely feel more encouraged to let the students pursue more academics and more STEM-related subjects," duPont Manual High School student Mayukha Bhamidipati says.

"Being a female in STEM, a lot of people think it's like not sexy or something but really being a female in STEM it's super empowering. You get to use your mind and use your abilities to make something great," student Sandra Temgoua says.

"So we really try to get them interested in these topics which can really lead to a lot of fun and enjoyment but there's also better academic performance and a pathway to a higher-paying career," Allison Tu says.

"That's kind of what made me the happiest, being there with them and interacting with them and knowing that high schoolers can do this for other kids in their community," says Bhavana Pavuluri.

'STEMY' shows students real-world math and science applications, and does scientific method workshops, robotics, and gives kids science kits to take home and investigate the world around them and do experiments.