LEXINGTON-- When it comes to climate change, Representative Andy Barr remains non-committal.

The Republican from Lexington said, "Some say the science is settled, that's not true. There are scientists who dispute the level of warming, the extent to which humans are contributing to that."

However, Barr is passionate when it comes to alternative energy technology. "To the extent that there are concerns about global warming, or climate change,  our answer, our solution to that should always be unleashing the power of innovation, or science and technology, making sure we get the best and brightest on the question."

He's also interested in alternative uses for coal, explaining "A lot of people don't understand some of the innovations that are happening in the coal industry." Barr added, "For example, to manufacture coal, not use it for combustion and energy production, but to actually use coal for manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, for aerospace, for auto manufacturing."

Barr says that should be the focus, rather than the Green New Deal supported by some Democrats. "The Green New Deal proposal would, by all estimates, lower temperatures by only 0.2 percent degrees Celsius. Why is that? Because the United States is not the biggest polluter."

Barr made national news when he invited freshman representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to tour a Kentucky coal mine. On that, Barr said, "I just took the occasion to invite her to Kentucky to learn more about what her Green New Deal would actually mean in real life for the people of Kentucky, the people that I represent. Not just those that are directly employed in the coal industry, but people who depend on reliable, affordable electricity.

Ocasio-Cortez has accepted the invitation, but that doesn't mean she will be coming to the 6th District necessarily as there aren't any active coal mines there. However, Barr said "In the far eastern part of my district, there were . But as I've said many times, even though we're not a coal producing district, I represent a coal producing state."

Now, it could be that she isn't coming to the Bluegrass state at all, as Barr is urging the Democrat from the Bronx and Queens to apology to to Republican Dan Crenshaw.

Ocasio-Cortez has yet to respond.