LEXINGTON, Ky -- Corey Baker is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Kentucky, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. He also conducts research on behalf of the university.

“My research area is in wireless communications and mobile applications, so when you have limited internet connectivity, how can you leverage people, devices via things like bluetooth to create connectivty and that’s relevant for when you have a natural disaster or you have areas that have limited communication,” explains Baker

Baker says in addition to his work as a professor at UK he devotes a lot of his time on campus, to a new graduate campus visit program he created, that is focused on recruiting under-represented minorities from across the country to enroll at Kentucky, to become future engineers.

The Department of Computer Science has five black students currently working towards their doctoral degrees, two of the students are women. Officials at UK say five is the largest number of black doctoral students, the computer science has ever had at one time.

While Baker is already working towards bridging the diversity gap in the University of Kentucky’s Department of Computer Science, he says there is still more work to be done.