The issue of homelessness continues to a be major problem across all part of Kentucky.

In this In Focus Kentucky segment, host Mario Anderson visits with Curtis Stauffer with Kentucky Housing Corporation which is based in Frankfort.

KHC just wrapped up its annual statewide 2019 K-Count, a “point-in-time” count of homeless Kentuckians living on the streets, inside emergency shelters or at other temporary housing programs in the Balance of State, which includes 118 counties outside of Fayette and Jefferson, during a single night. Due to separate funding streams, Louisville and Lexington conduct their own counts.

Stauffer shares how KHC allocates finances to various organizations in Kentucky to help administer federal programs, including rental assistance that makes quality housing available to more than 27,000 Kentuckians.

Spectrum New 1's Jonathon Gregg follows along with Coalition for the Homeless as they host its annual "point-in-time" count in Louisville, Kentucky's largest city.