KENTUCKY — During this year’s 2023 legislative session, a group of Democratic lawmakers have sponsored several bills that would legalize cannabis in Kentucky.

House Bill 22, is called the “Let’s Grow” bill. It would legalize cannabis for responsible adult use.

It would legalize sales, expunge marijuana crimes, treat people with medical marijuana and tax sales for recreational use.

State Representative Rachel Roberts (D-Newport) joins this In Focus Kentucky segment to explain why she is co-sponsoring the bill and why she wants it considered during the final weeks of the session.

"I'm really optimistic that the Senate will move first on medical cannabis this year. There has been an appetite for it in the House and the Senate has been the sticking point. And I'm really grateful that the governor has taken the actions he has to keep this issue front and center because nothing that I'm aware of polls as bipartisan or as popularly in the state of Kentucky as cannabis," said Rep. Roberts.

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