KENTUCKY — Republican Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles filed paperwork in May 2022 to enter the state’s 2023 governor’s race.

During this In Focus Kentucky segment, Quarles explains what led to his decision to launch his campaign and jump into this race.

“I think there deserves to be a choice on election day. And I’ve always been a leader that tries to bring people together. And I think that we’re seeing unprecedented partisanship out of the Governor’s office right now. Where the current governor is focused on suing people and antagonizing legislators. As the Ag Commissioner, I grew up with an environment where we bring people together and that there’s room at the table for everybody and we talk through our differences and try to come up with what’s best for Kentucky. I’m running for Governor because I think that Kentucky is not living up to his potential, but because of the partisanship in Frankfort, Kentucky, I want to offer the voters of Kentucky a vision, a positive vision and imagine what we can do if we had stability in Frankfort where we as well as the legislative branch more preoccupied by partisan lawsuits, but actually focused on the future of Kentucky. There’s a lot of things we need to accomplish. We have a crime issue, particularly in Louisville right now. We need to finish out broadband internet across our state as well, something that should have been done years ago. There’s plenty of money, but the job’s not getting done. And we also need to make sure that we have a conversation about parental rights, especially in our schools as well. We need to create an environment where businesses can thrive, modernize our tax code, get rid of the personal income tax, and create an environment where Kentucky can thrive and live up to his potential both in our urban and rural areas,” said Republican gubernatorial candidate, Ryan Quarles.

Quarles also commented on his recent endorsements from over 100+ local, county and state leaders across the Commonwealth.

“I think that I bring a track record of executive leadership. I have seven years of running the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, which is the second largest executive branch agency outside of the Governor’s office. We’ve done it in a way that proves that we are a great steward of taxpayer money. We’re doing more with less. And I believe in smaller government, and that’s something that I think that we can say we’ve honestly have done and that some of the other folks in the race may not have that track record as well. I’m a former legislator, so I know what it’s like to get along with the legislative branch. So that we can work together and not be focused on senseless lawsuits as well. And finally, I’m a candidate that I may have dirt on my boots from the farm I grew up on and I’ve really enjoyed my time as Ag Commissioner, but I’ve got big ideas for all corners of Kentucky including downtown Louisville with the infrastructure project that we’re gonna roll out here in a couple of months. I also think that it’s time for us to select the leader that’s going to unite Kentucky and that’s one thing that I think that most people who know me well know, that I’m the type of guy that wants to bring people together,” adds Quarles.

You can watch the full In Focus segment in the player above.