KENTUCKY — Attorney General Daniel Cameron's office issues several consumer alerts throughout the course of the year warning Kentuckians of various scams. Cameron says scams have reached an all-time high in Kentucky, and his office is constantly working to stay ahead of con artists.

TOP TIPS to avoid scams, as shared from the Office of the Attorney General

Hang up. If someone calls asking for money or personal information, hang up. If you think the caller might be telling the truth, call back to a number you know is genuine. And, avoid robocalls by registering your number on Kentucky's No Call list.

Do not pay upfront. Scammers often offer prizes or threaten to take action against you, if you don't pay a fee or provide your personal information. Legitimate businesses and government agencies will not threaten you for upfront payments.

"There are people who are bad actors and are starting to call individuals and asking them to pay for unsolicited services that, quite frankly, the individual, the consumer hasn't even asked for, with a gift card. And so, as a matter what I tell people all the time is that you should be leery. Anyone who reaches out to you by phone, especially if they're posing as a governmental entity or a business entity that you have no connection or prior communication with, oftentimes if the government is going to reach out to you, they are going to do that through the United States Postal Service. They'll send something in the mail, as opposed to calling you up, businesses as well. Normally, unless it's an unsolicited call, they aren't going to call you up out of the blue, and ask you to make payment on something that you simply have not asked for service on so. We've encouraged people to be very leery and cautious whenever they receive a call from one, a number that they don't know and then two, from someone that is asking for them to pay with gift cards, and that you don't anticipate," explains Cameron.