LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Our medical workers serve on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

They put their health on the line to complete the mission they signed up to do.

“Patients are still sick, they still need someone to take care of them,” said Laura Breedlove, a registered nurse at the University of Louisville Hospital. “I signed up to be a nurse to take care of people who need me and who are sick.”

Breedlove said that her day-to-day isn’t too different, but says there are many precautions they take ignorer to their best to stay safe.

“Definitely an extra level of caution and care before we enter a room,” said Breedlove. “We have the proper PPE on that we are properly screening patients.”

Tiffany Cooper serves as a phlebotomist in the ER. She feels she was called to do her job to help people.

“I get to meet people daily even before Coronavirus came out and I feel like I do my part in showing society that humanity is there and we all love each other,” said Cooper.

Cooper said she knew the pandemic would have many trials including the risk that she might bring COVID-19 home to those she loves the most.

“It is a little scary because you know the rules and regulations have changed so much for healthcare workers,” said Cooper. “We were prepared to come into a battle zone of uncertainty.”

But healthcare professionals have put their trust in the safeguards, the system, and in each other.

“We are super tight-knit group anyway. It’s one of those things that you have to trust your cowers and you have to have a family atmosphere to get through the days,” said Breedlove.

They have also been touched by the outpouring of support from the community.

“It is nice people are thinking of us,” said Breedlove. “It’s been neat to just be appreciated for doing our jobs.”

They want to assure the public that hardworking and passionate professionals will be there to do their best during your darkest hour.

“If and when that situation arises, they can trust in us to be there for them,” said Cooper.