After spending the last decade as a freelance journalist, Adam K. Raymond has returned home as a digital reporter for Spectrum News 1.

The Louisville native has written for such publications as New York Magazine, the Washington Post, Esquire, Gizmodo and Vulture, focusing primarily on national politics, news, and pop culture.

For New York's politics and news blog, Intelligencer, Adam covered the most pressing political and national news of the moment. His varied career has also seen him cover the NFL’s concussion crisis, the ineffectiveness of active shooter drills, and dishonesty in consumer marketing. Prior to freelancing, the New York University graduate launched and served as editor-in-chief of MTV Clutch, a men’s site focused on pop culture and sports, following a stint as senior editor of Hemispheres, United Airlines’ in-flight magazine.

In his reporting, he aims to highlight power imbalances, whether it’s Google Fiber skipping town after promising massive internet expansion in Louisville, coal workers blocking a train as they demanded their pay, or protests demanding justice in the streets around the country.

Adam attended Shelby Elementary in Smoketown, Noe Middle and Manual High School on Old Louisville. He now has three kids of his own, with wife Josie, and relishes the opportunity to show them all of the places and things he loved as a kid.