Believe it or not, Eva McKend began her news career at the age of sixteen! This news prodigy spent her after-school hours interning at the African-American women’s lifestyle magazine, Essence. Fast forward to 2012, Eva began her first formal job with Spectrum News Hudson Valley. Today, Eva is a Congressional Correspondent on the Spectrum News D.C Bureau team.

Throughout the various stories Eva has covered, her most meaningful is her 2014 coverage of the immigration crisis. Eva recalls witnessing the emotional moment that a 15 year old boy reconnected with his family in an airport. While immigration policies are heavily discussed in the media, Eva says that witnessing its effects first hand was an eye opening experience she’ll never forget.

As a Congressional Correspondent, Eva has had her fair share of run-ins with political powerhouses - she can even tell you a story or two about taking the underground subway to the Capitol, shoulder to shoulder with a few senators. During Eva’s off-time, you can find her taking in the exhibits or attending a talk at the National Museum of African American History and Culture or taking a hike!